The album “Javedanchai Gilan” is a collection popular Gilaki songs, covered by Sheila Nahrvar. Many of songs are from the late great Ashour-pour. This album was made possible by the passionate contribution of Amir Rahbar who dedicated his time to create the breathtaking arrangements for our beloved Gilaki songs.

The proceeds from this album are donated to orphaned children of Gilan. While the music is freely available for download, we hope you would make a $5 contribution if you enjoy these songs.

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Special Thanks:
  • Fariba Enshaeian
  • Amir Rahbar
  • Mousa Nahrvar
  • Reza Moghadas
  • Troy Harkin
  • Richard Freedman
  • Ali Golabgir

And all those who supported me in delivering my message and achieving my goals.